17 Oct Sound’s Good Logo – Rectangular

Check out these logo images:

Sound’s Good Logo – Rectangular
Image by Jannie-Jan
Final version.

The Credit Cruncher Logo Design
Image by The Logo Smith
A neat bold and clean logo that has a small ‘light hearted’ association with PacMac made from the two ‘C’ initials.

Not the most inspiring of names granted, but you have to work with what you have.

A logo that could of gone ‘oh so cliche’, instead I hope I have reigned in the obvious with some financial institution class and style

Sensible logotype, sensible logomark but with a retro throwback association for the mind to remember.

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Graham is a ‘For Hire’ Freelance Logo & Brand Identity Designer who has over 20 Years commercial experience in: Print Design, Branding, Identity, Photography, Typography, Marketing & Social Media.

Web414 Logo Idea #1
Image by Pete Prodoehl
Logo idea for Web414 – Milwaukee’s Web Community