12 Feb Resurrection Icon

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Resurrection Icon
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I spent the last three evenings watching the Republican National Convention, more (it turns out) for amusement than for edification.

While standing in line this morning to pick up a birthday card at Walgreens, I was thinking about Clint Eastwood’s fifteen minute bit last night, and the reaction to it, so I was surprised, when I glanced up, to see Clint glaring back at me, from the cover of LIFE/ICONS.

Eastwood’s performance at the convention had amused and bemused me, while doing nothing to diminish my respect for his talent and my enjoyment of his films.

I can’t find a verb for iconoclasty, specifically self-iconoclasty, but there should really be one… and don’t try to tell me you can’t do that to yourself…

Oh, go ahead. Make my day.