10 Dec Quick sketch

A few nice draw images I found:

Quick sketch
Image by Yelnoc
I drew this in about 15 minutes the other night. Bummer is, I can’t find the photo I drew it from! I think it’s from blue-velvet, but if it is, she took it off of her photostream. I have one very close to this marked in my favorites.

I told my wife about how some times I draw fast and it turns out. Other times, I try to draw fast to get the same results and it is a disaster. I’m happy enough with this one. I keep thinking about changing it but think I’ll leave it just like it is. The scan isn’t great.

Old Barn Drawing
Image by Big Grey Mare
I hope no one asks me how I did this, because I can’t remember. I know I added a texture, and I think I used a pen filter, but beyond that, it’s all a blur of try this, try that.

Thanks to deviantart.com for the texture.

New (drawing) by Matthew Mascotte
Image by zekeamouse
Photo Matthew Mascotte