05 Nov Nice Pattern photos

Some cool Pattern images:

Image by bsperan
768 x 768 pixels – blue-pattern

I (re)created this pattern in Blender (a free 3D modelling, rendering, animation, and game engine program from www.blender.org). I’m still new to Blender so it took several hours for me to figure out how to do it right. That, and I did it the hard way while learning Blender was not the best choice for creating patterns like this. Afterwards, someone told me about Inkscape ( www.inkscape.org ).

Anyway, I was inspired by these photos of a "Ramadan" Arabic pattern taken by Dennis M. Andrews de paul:


Needless to say, it took a while to figure out how to reproduce this pattern from the photos, let alone in Blender by creating vertices and lines. Then I subdivided about 2 dozen times and used a "halo" material.

Also, I plan on releasing a lantern model made (almost finished) in Blender and using this pattern for the glass.

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Image by anitakhart
Wall of the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

park patterns.
Image by awmyl