02 Aug Nice Draw photos

Check out these draw images:

Drawing On People
Image by Shantell Martin 27
Photo by Roy Rochlin.
As a part of the programming for my Solo Show at MoCADA we did an event called drawing on people, which took place on June 28th 2014.

Flow, round (detail of drawing)
Image by Jos van Wunnik
A new spatiality

From the start landscape and nature are the main theme in my work, with the ordening principle of geometry merged into this. In the course of the years I did project several geometric shapes into the spatiality of landscape – mainly the horizontal-vertical, but also the lozenge, triangle, oval and spiral – so that landscape also became a psychic-spiritual space.
A search for connection between inside and outside.

In 2017 a new period begins in which a new spatiality manifest itself, which I experience as round and all-connecting – a paradisiacal quality of unity. This ethereal spatiality I don’t express by elementary landscaping components – outside of me – but as a stream inside of me. Sometimes at night I can feel the vibrating and trembling of this stream, or deep tones, and the only thing I can do is responding to it by expressing this flow in my work.

Image by IngaMun