26 Jul Nice Draw photos

A few nice draw images I found:

Drawing a bear
Image by aaipodpics
I was trying to go for more realism on this bear. It is based on this photo of a black bear by Lindsay Robinson.

Although the anatomy is a bit off, the fur is much better than what I have before. I used this YouTube tutorial on hair by Andrew Fisher. You need a sharp pencil and draw every hair individually. You also approach the lighter part of a lock of hair from two sides, with a few lines through it. Then to get a glossy feeling, use a cotton swab to blur your pencil strokes.

Obviously, you need a lot of practice to get it right. Furthermore you need high quality paper and not the cheap copier paper I’m using right now. Better paper allows you to vary the tones much more, from light to really dark. You can correct that afterwards with playing with levels, but I’d rather do this on the paper, so I can better judge my work while I’m working on it.