09 Jan Nice Design

Check out these design images:

Nice Design
Image by Klis
I found this marvelous cultural artifact at a store in the Mission in San Francisco. Seven years later I am still in awe of how this thing got made. I’d like to think this was some snarky designer, but the actual design counterindicates. But even if it was a practical joke, how did it get past the fabricators? Did no one in the delivery chain speak English? What directive was given to the designer? Was it simply, "We need a nice design for the product," and the designer a literalist? Is there some other language/culture where this thing would sell?

I fondly imagine June Cleaver pulling it off the shelf thinking, "Now that’s a nice design."

I love it so much.

Design Festa@Odaiba
Image by localjapantimes

The original article for this image lives at tokyo.japantimes.co.jp/post/en/555/Design+Festa+Odaiba.html