11 Nov Nice Design photos

Some cool design images:

Design Sketching
Image by Jordanhill School D&T Dept
A collection of student sketches. Good drawing skills are a fundamental part of the design process. It is therefore vital that pupils practice and hone their drawing skills so that ideas can be captured quickly and accurately. Designing, as promoted by the department, should alllow solutions to be drawn from the stream of consciousness. In other words pupils thinking is aided by the process of drawing. What results is genuinely honest evidence that will be used for SQA presentation material.

Design fail
Image by M0les
Sums up what was wrong with Microsoft around the late 90’s: A mouse pad nearly the same size as the mouse with a design best described as "eclectic"

Design Workshops 2012
Image by ixdaseattle
Design-thinking workshops presented by Puget Sound SIGCHI and IxDA Seattle for the 2012 Seattle Design Festival.

Featuring presenters:
Nikki Pfarr with Waste Not!
Ming-li Chai with Designing for the Future
Joyce Chou with Sensory Deprivation for Breakthrough Innovation

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