18 Apr Nice Design photos

Some cool design images:

Design Breakfast
Image by Leon Wilson
The final design breakfast for me for a while….

Design a Kaskade T-Shirt
Image by Aoiro Studio
Kaskade is one of the best House Dj in the world. He’s known for all his great remixed songs and also he produced a lot of amazing albums and compilations.

Artcotic.com, a website that sells pretty cool t-shirts made a contest for designing a tee for this incredible Dj. So i decided to submit my own creative presentation to this contest. Why?, because i am a big fan of Kaskade’s music.

Graphic Design/HfG Karlsruhe
Image by Alki1
Monotype designed by Andi Kliem 1997.

Image from Gunter Rambow Schule der Plakate. [Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe].