16 Oct Nice Beautiful photos

Some cool beautiful images:

Beautiful Twins
Image by Swami Stream
Shot them in the outskirts of banglore

# Explore thanks my friends

~ Beautiful Warning ~
Image by ViaMoi
Classic wooden gas lit lighthouse on St, Lawrence River, Canada (circa 1860)

After pulling the car over, I walked across a small field headed towards the river and
spotted a little white something through the trees. After heading in that direction, I came through the trees and saw this from the river’s edge. "A beautiful warning", I thought.

The sky was amazing and everything worked out perfect, but to make it a bit better and have the colours and tones come out to the full potential, I used Topaz Adjust and then the usual levels adjusts in PhotoShop along with a bit of dodge and burn .

Have an excellent Sunday and hope to see all the photo results from many weekend outings from everyone around the whole World.

BIG HELLO from Ottawa, Canada

Beautiful day
Image by David Poblador i Garcia
on Instagram instagr.am/p/e2ISX/