24 Aug farewell drawing…Hendel Butoy

Some cool draw images:

farewell drawing…Hendel Butoy
Image by brina_head
i dont know if any of you know who Hendel Butoy is… he was an animator for Disney for quite a number of years as well as a supervising animator for quite a number of Disney classics.

Hes worked on the Black Cauldron, The Rescuers Down Under, Fantasia 2000, Fox & the Hound, Oliver & Company and others.

well, when he decided to leave Disney Studios to animate & produce his own work, he decided first, to come to my college to help teach us! he is such an amazing man & animator.

anyway, after 3 years of teaching at my college (Southern adv. University) he’s decided to move onto further persue his personal animated movies. so some of us students who were taught by him where asked to be a part of this farewell booklet as a gift for him, featuring letters, notes of thanks and drawings or sketches we wanted to contribute.

well anyway, this is my drawing for Hendel. my way of saying thanks to him for being such a great teacher.

Rainbow Mouth
Image by intransit
an older drawing in preparation for our friends Chelsea and Andrew’s wedding

Call Me
Image by Elliot Stokes
Cube mate Judi drew the left page and I, the right.