25 Dec Drawn to Close

A few nice draw images I found:

Drawn to Close
Image by Viewminder
I had the pleasure of shooting some street on Sunday with a couple of the best street shooters in Chicago.

This guy is one of them.

His name is Nima.

I dig shooting with other photographers.

You can learn so much watching them tearing up the street.

Nima’s got a completely differeent style of shooting than I do.

He’s got an ability to capture ‘the street’ where I am drawn to ‘close.’

Where he composes a photograph that makes you feel like you were there…

I compose a face.

I wish I could take shots like that…

that I could gather the light and the elements that record a scene that makes you feel that way.

It’s photographs like that that got me into street photography.

I’m drawn to get closer to people…

to record the details in their faces…

the lines and the pores…

like a landscape in human form.

I always learn a lot shooting with others.

It’s always good to share the love.


Image by a bill
daily drawing

Drawing Contemporaries
Image by mandiberg
Drawing Contemporaries, curated by Eyebeam senior fellow Michael Mandiberg, is an exhibition of work on paper made by a peer group of new media artists who all create drawings, both as a primary object and as an experimental process. The exhibition includes work from Darren Kraft, Steve Lambert & Julia Schwadron, Michael Mandiberg, Marisa Olson, and Lee Walton. For many of the artists, the use of computers and algorithms are the focus in their work. While a number of the artists are Eyebeam affiliated, all are contemporaries whose influences upon each other can be traced in this exhibition. Drawing Contemporaries will remain on exhibit through June 9, 2009.