01 Mar drawing_05052017

A few nice draw images I found:

Image by a bill
daily drawing

Drawing Rods
Image by Thomas Forsyth
Two new versions of my project ‘Fishing For Lines’ for the Campaign For Drawings’ tenth anniversary celebration ‘Now We Are Ten’.

My aim was to simplify the original design, whilst creating a more functionality. For example, the new versions allow you to change the type of pen / scribe in a similar way to my Drawing Tops.

Visit Idea Generation Gallery, Shoreditch, London to have a play with these Drawing Rods, Drawing Tops and to view drawings from some of the worlds finest illustrators including Posy Simmonds, Quentin Blake, Gerald Scarfe & Paula Rego

Now We Are Ten will be running from 8th – 20th September 2009

Drawing Room
Image by superfem