04 Feb Drawing women

Some cool draw images:

Drawing women
Image by aaipodpics
I have just received this book called "The Artist’s Complet Guide to Drawing The Head" by William L. Maughan.

He suggests using these materials for beginning artists:
* Stabilo’s CarbOthello pastel pencils, number 645 "Caput Martuum Red" and number 100 "Titanium White."
* Strathmore’s Charcoal paper in Velvet Gray.
* X-Acto knife and sand pad.
* Kneeded eraser.

I didn’t have any of the pastel pencils and paper, nor did my local artist supply shop (although I found another who is probably willing to order it for me).

I had some piece of colored paper lying around and bought two pairs of pastel pencils of the brand Bruynzeel Sakura, the 8840 pastel. Two of them were sanguine color (42), which were kind of okay. The other two were white (1), which were a distaster. Either they were dropped, but more likely they were to brittle to have an inch of so of the lead exposed. I’m supposed to use the pencil as a brush, so that is why I need an inch of lead exposed. The whites just crumbled if you put any pressure on them.

Even so, I tried a primitive technique on this girl on a photo I found here on Flickr.

So I need to buy better pencils, so I can practice the chiaroscuro technique before I apply it in drawing class.

Image by C_Greengrass
Drawn with pencil..