19 Dec Draw The Line Seattle

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Draw The Line Seattle
Image by Backbone Campaign
Will you Draw The Line with Us?- Photos by Damien

Citizens from Seattle, Bellingham and beyond came together for a
coordinated national day of action to Draw The Line against fossil
fuel foolishness
. Inspired by the beautiful Salish Sea
that unites our bio-region, activists are organizing to protect what
they love, building the future they envision, and stop dead in the
tracks the climate cooking corporate criminals threatening our
children’s future. Native allies successfully resisting tar sands oil
extraction and transport through their ancestral lands and Youth
fighting for generational justice provided participants with the moral
compass and courage to take our activism to the next level with deepened
commitment and conviction. Honored were the 14 Montana‘s
who escalated resistance action by engaging in non-violent civil
disobedience sitting on the coal train’s railroad right-of-way, an
escalation of the fight since last year’s week-long coal export action.
From the plains, to the ports, we the people are united. We are engaged
in a struggle of paradigms, on one side is Goldman Sachs, Warren Buffet
and fossil fuel companies like Arch Coal, Peabody Energy, and Trans
Canada who profit through disregard for life and all things sacred
through uncaring extraction, exploitation, and domination. On the other
side is We The People people non-violently, steadfastly,
defending in a beautiful expression of what we love a world worthy of
passing on to future generations. Bill McKibben and Seattle Mayor Mike
McGinn who also spoke reminded us that when the People Lead, the Leaders
Will Follow. Draw The Line by joining those who share
your values and becoming active members of the numerous groups who made
this event possible: 350Seattle, Rising Tide Seattle,
Backbone Campaign, and Plant For The Planet
. Allies also present and whose contributions made the
event possible: Sierra Club,
Friends of the Earth, Washington Fair Trade Coalition,
Puget Soundkeepers Alliance,
Occupy Bellingham,
Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., member of the Yankton Sioux &
Chickasaw Nations, and the Four Worlds International Institute Chairman;
Sundance Chief Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation in B.C.

Drawing On People
Image by Shantell Martin 27
Photo by Roy Rochlin.
As a part of the programming for my Solo Show at MoCADA we did an event called drawing on people, which took place on June 28th 2014.