02 Oct Design Block

A few nice design images I found:

Design Block
Image by architecturegeek
Seattle Design Festival

Energy ThinkIn @ frog design
Image by ChimpLearnGood
In collaboration with the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative, frog design hosted an Energy ThinkIn™ that harnessed the collective expertise and creativity of an exceptional group of entrepreneurs, executives, and innovators. The goal will be to create a symbol and a brand for the energy conscious consumer that can be communicated simply and socially, ultimately leading to positive behavior change.

MORE: thinkin.frogdesign.com/

#Design Chandelier Inside the Sheikh Zayed Moqsue, Abu Dhabi [1600 x 1152] [OC]
Image by junaidrao
via Tumblr junaidrao.tumblr.com/post/159971393710/design-chandelier-…