23 Feb Cool Logo images

A few nice logo images I found:

Black Hand Logo
Image by Justin Arn
Justin Arn’s Black Hand Logo in 3D

Protei logo, Open Source Sailing Drone
Image by cesarharada.com
Logo by Роман Яблонський ,

Logo thanks to jovoto.com
for Protei.org
Produced by v2.nl
Hosted by hofmanenzonen.nl
Tested at dekaag.nl

Vector logos here: protei.org/download/logos/

R27 Logo
Image by The Logo Smith
Rajesh Pancholi – r27 creativelab

It’s based on the my initial and DOB. It started out as more of a tag with an interest in graffiti many years ago and developed from there. It’ll keep changing as time goes on, as the studio and career progresses. Saying that its due for a change now, so watch this space…