15 Nov Cool Logo images

Check out these logo images:

Image by onlinepastrychef
my website logo

Image by dannyman

Last week I looked in on a project I completed a few years ago, to integrate the Cisco corporate logo with the IronPort corporate logo. Some bricks had gone out-of-order over time and when I attempted to put them back in place I realized that since everything fit just so I couldn’t get it figured out without the blueprints . . . which are stored on my old laptop at Cisco’s main campus in San Jose. So, I took the thing apart and down to San Jose for reassembly. I figure I’ll keep it on display at Cisco for a while, so I removed one row of white bricks to make a 4-brick-deep base.

Image by GM-Joggl
the first logo for my club, was done by Charlie-Planlos.

A big thanks for her work!