09 Jun Cool Logo images

A few nice logo images I found:

Refresh Logo Concept
Image by Patrick Haney
Included here are a few variations on my Refresh logo for all of the Refreshing Cities. I’ve included versions with 1 arrow and 2 arrows, as well as options with and without the thick black line on the outside. The design in the upper right includes a gradient, and is my favorite of all 5 designs.

I feel that the solid line helps reinforce the shape of the chat bubble, which represents the discussion amongst Refresh participants, and the double arrow is most representative of the refresh button on most browsers as well as the idea of refreshing and recycling ideas for the web.

PS. The font is Francophil Sans and is freely available on dafont.com.


Google Logos
Image by Marcos Castellano

Porsche Logo
Image by Peter ‘lastfuture’ Marquardt
yeah, this shot is obligatory in this set, isn’t it