07 Jun Cool Icon images

Check out these icon images:

Icon of decay
Image by Ma-Sor

George icon detail (a)
Image by jimforest
I’d love to know who/what this small figure behind St George represents.

* * *

Here’s an answer to my question from iconographer Aidan Hart:

"The story in short is that the son of a devout lady was taken prisoner, I think by a Saracen, and made a slave. She prayed to St George for his return , and in due course, while the son was serving his master at table, St George took him up and returned him home, still holding the flagon of wine (sometimes a goblet, with wine unspilt)."

* * *

squeezecenter fluid icon
Image by mikewadhera
for fluid (fluidapp.com) – see all sizes for original transparent png