18 Jan Cool Design images

A few nice design images I found:

Abstract Design 2
Image by callmetim
The second Abstract Design problem for the Cinematic Expression class.

Criteria 1:
– Black and White
– 1 square
– 2 triangles OR rectangles
– 2 lines
– Edges may touch, overlap, and drop off page

Criteria 2:
– Must be Asymmetrically Balanced with Theory of Thirds
– Make use of negative and positive space
– Elements must relate to each other
– Employ FG, MG, BG
– Emphasize an Area by using one or more:
Contrast Location Unusual
Isolation Convergence
– Use a dominant and a subordinate area of emphasis to move eye around composition

Image by yuvalsaar

Design bodyboard 34
Image by Gwendal_